country: Philippines

comments: I’m so touch when I read this poem I remember the goodness of
God upon my life..God bless

country: USA

comments: I want to bask in the glory of GOD.

I have just the read the Strength poem by Margaret. You are an inspiration to me and many who read your daily devotions. I am encouraged and may the Good Lord bless you.
Thank you very much
Kezia, Malawi

country: UK

comments: A beautiful prayer of comfort and encouragement. How wonderful is
our God

country: india

comments: Dear Ms. Margaret,

  Your poem is so comforting and surely it is true that with the help of Jesus, we can overcome all the problems in the world.



country: philippines

comments: Thank you for inspiring message in spite of all the trials come into my life

country: Fiji

comments: This poem enlighten my life through which I’m a sinner yet He
showed his Love for me

country: Canada Vancouver BC

comments: Thank you for this wonderful prayer. I love it very much .You don’t know how much I appreciate it. GBU

country: Sri Lanka

comments: what a wonderful poem!! which talks about the truth