Driven to the Breaking Point

May this poem encourage and inspire you in all that you are experiencing.

Blow after blow as the tempestuous angry sea Beats against the shore line causing a great erosion…as you face each disappointment and feel your heart ache with pain…it is as if you are being driven to The breaking point. Sometimes it may feel like you Are on a roller coaster ride! Overcoming and solving some problems…only to experience More devastating news, and having To deal with some deep issues…driven to the breaking point.

Yes, blow after blow as the angry tempestuous angry sea beats against the shore line…causing a great erosion….each disappointment and heartache drives you to the breaking point of giving up all of self will in total submission to the perfect plans and purposes of God for your life!

What blessings to receive….after being driven to the breaking point! What a blessing of total surrender to be able to say to Abba Father like Jesus said in the Gospel of Luke chapter 22 verse 42 NKJV “Saying, Father, if Thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will but, Thine be done.” Driven to the breaking point!

Your Application Form

Checking it over thoroughly to make sure all information is correctly spelled.

Yes, indeed everything is in order sure enough you will get the job.

How devastating to find that your application form has been denied!

But wait…just thought to let you know there is a higher level if you would pause right now and pray, your application form is being processed in the highest heaven. For the Father will give to you Divine favour and reverse that denial. Yes, your application form is now accepted it is by Divine order and God’s favour. You have been approved! Your application form will now reap for you big dividends!