Be Still

Be still even though the enemy rages all around you and the turbulence seems to shake the very foundation you are standing on. Be still to discern his lying tactics; pause for a moment, pray, then look in the Good Book. You will find words of life to bring hope.

One Hundred and Fifty Quotes From the Secret Place

Greatness is In You

Do not allow the thief of time, procrastination, to keep you from fulfilling your divine destiny. Make a conscious decision, today, to complete every kingdom assignment which Yahweh, the God who has redeemed you, has mandated you to do. He is the One who has approved you. Greatness is in you!

One Hundred Quotes From The Secret Place


There is a divine time in all of our lives for a face to face encounter with God, who transforms us breaking every addiction, and generational curse – healing the heart of unforgiveness producing a forgiving heart – demolishing the giants of fears in our lives so that we may live a victorious and fulfilling life.