You Are Going On

You are going on cost what it may 

Moving forward to your destiny, with 

Boldness and in the strength and wisdom 

Of Abba Father. 

You are going on amid the turmoil and 

Conflict, the oppressors and the nay-sayers 

Press you sore. Yet you are going on, making 

The necessary sacrifices carefully walking 

In faith and obedience. 

You are going on although friends have left and 

Deserted you-you must obey the call. 

You are going on to a higher call. O the pain of 

Rejection and being misunderstood, still you are 

Going on knowing with complete assurance it will 

Be worth it all to fulfill your purpose and reach 

Your destiny. 

You are going on knowing one day when your 

Journey is completed Abba Father will say, 

“My child you have completed your assignment, 

You have encouraged someone for the last time, 

Welcome home.” 

You are going on with that expectation, walking in faith 

And obedience. 

Cover in Love

selective focus photography of white and tan shih tzu puppy carrying by smiling woman

Cover in love 

Praying for your enemies; 

Pray that God’s mercy is extended. 

Cover in love those who continually 

Use and verbally abuse you. 

Cover in love 

Your family members 

Who take you for granted; 

Vexing your very soul. 

Put on the garment of praise; 

And kneel in prayer 

Pray for their souls, 

Transforming your home 

Into an atmosphere of love. 

Cover in love everywhere you go 

For it is a clear indication 

Of your maturity in Jesus Christ; 

When you cover in love; 

Those who have lost their way. 

Yes, cover someone whose path 

You may cross with a good gesture, 

Or a kind word making a 

Difference in some precious hearts. 

Make it a number one priority 

To cover in love, 

Bringing about a wonderful change 

In the lives of people, 

For the Kingdom of Abba Father!

To The Lamb of God

black cross on top of mountain

To love and not be loved 
To be despised and rejected 
by your very own. 

To speak truth, 
And still be called a liar. 

To suffer pain and humiliation 
To be faithful despite it all. 

To be condemned to die 
Without any evidence of doing 
Anything wrong. 

To be hung on a tree, 
And stripped of everything 
Except God the Father’s Love. 

Yes, Jesus Christ the Lamb of God 
Willingly gave up His life so that you and I 
Can be free to live an abundant life, 
Experiencing God’s Love in the midst 
of your circumstances. 

Glory, Honor, and Praise to The Lamb of God! 

A Quiet Strength

man climbing on gray concrete peak at daytime

You are beloved of God! He has not forgotten your labour of love, 
nor has He forsaken you! You have asked Abba Father to help you 
to make some specific changes in your life! You have fasted, and you 
have prayed. Yet you have not seen or heard an answer! Well! The 
Breaker is here, and He is stepping into your circumstances and situations! 
May the Lord stir your faith even now, as you are reading these words to 
believe HIS WORD! Continue to watch and pray, and to display the 
compassionate heart of Jesus Christ while you are waiting! You are not 
alone, the Lord is with you each step of the way! 
Be blessed by this poem, ” A QUIET STRENGTH ” may it encourage and 
inspire you, as you display a quiet strength during all you are 
going through! 
 Pain ripped through my upper spine 
Muscles tightening grimacing in pain 
Trying to rise from the chair….. 
Praying to Abba Father to take away 
The pain. 
Then instantly an even more severe 
Pain came like no other……..experiencing 
an aching in the heart caused by bitter 
Angry words piercing through the heart, 
Like the ripping pain in my upper spine with 
Even more intensity. 
Reminding me if I am not open to forgive, 
Seeds of bitterness and hurt will take root, 
Rendering the heart cold and unloving! 
Please Heavenly Father keep me humbly 
At Your feet in humility, with Your strength 
and grace to turn the other cheek to display 
Your love! 
Still my tongue too oh Lord especially during 
Adverse times, that the radiance of Your 
Countenance would be seen upon me. 
For You love a quiet and a meek spirit! 
Surrendering in complete awe of You, 
I find a quiet strength is being still  in 
Total surrender to You Oh Lord. 
Quiet my heart and empty out everything, 
That is not of You, 
to experience a continual quiet strength, 
which only You can give! 
Abba Father, give to me a compassionate 
Heart like Jesus Christ to display at all times, 
In every situation a quiet strength! 

The Beauty of a Thorned Rose

close up photo of a red rose

While reflecting on somethings His presence surrounded me, 
Drawing my attention to a slender thorn ed tree with hardly 
Any leaves……yet there it stood velvety crimson…. it’s radiance. 
gravitated to me….it seemed to say…… ” Do not look at my thorns, 
They help me shine more brilliantly…” it was a thorn ed rose. 
Glistening in the sun! 
Just then riveting across the skies a fight ensues……it is divine. 
Intervention for you! 
Bringing you victoriously through while you are reflecting on. 
Some things to shine like the beautiful thorn ed rose. 
 Allow God’s presence to surround you so that the beauty 
Of His countenance would be seen upon you …………like 
The Beauty of a Thorn ed Rose! 

The Window

clear glass window with brown and white wooden frame

Each time you sit and read the Word of God and pray, 

The Window of Heaven opens. 

During times of sickness and pain, 

Your persistence in the Studying of the Word, 

And in continual prayer causes the Window 

To open wider activating Ministering angels 

Sent to meet your needs. 

The Window will open as you seek 

For your Heavenly Father, 

Walking in now Faith and obedience.

The Pangs of Hunger

woman giving food to the man on the street

The pangs of hunger are very real 

Many are starving for just the bare 

Necessities of life and a little food 

To eat. 

Pause for a moment right where 

You are! 

The question, can you hear their cries? 

They are all around you, 

Pulling out of your driveway 

Look over to your Neighbour’s house, 

Further down the street it could be the 

Person, you pass on the street. 

Closer, it could be a family member. 

When was the last time you extended your 

Hand to help someone in need? 

O how the pang of hunger hurts it causes 

Anguish to the soul. 

The pangs of hunger should never be, 

Ask yourself this question 

How then must God feel? 

Do not you know He feels the pangs 

Of hunger too for His children, 

And longs for each one to be fed 

Also, with the living bread! 

Answer someone’s prayer today 

And stop the pangs of hunger. 

Reach out to your Neighbour, 

Your brother or your sister, even 

Your enemies too! 

Soon you will eradicate the pangs 

Of hunger right where you are, 

Hurry do it today! 

You will be blessed beyond measure.

Leave The Light On

turned on desk lamp

Leave the light on for souls who have gone astray 

That in the darkness they may understand 

To help them find their way. 

Leave the light on there are wanderers 

Searching to find the light. 

Yes, leave the light on for it is the light 

That light the soul with compassion to 

Help restore the ones who have gone astray. 

Leave the light on for the wanderers are coming 

Home restored and made whole because you, 

Never gave up 

You left the light on! 

Sweet Dove

white dove on brown surface under blue sky

A sweet, beautiful dove, 
sat in my bed closely, 
by my side as I slept. 
It seemed as if he was 
protecting me! 
Then I awoke, it was, 
all just a dream! 
Yet it seems so real! 
giving to me an 
assurance of the presence, 
of the sweet Holy Spirit, 
who is a perfect Gentleman, 
and such a Comforter, 
in what seems like the, 
roughest times of my life! 
I reach for him……. 
but like the sweet dove, 
I am unable to touch him, 
yet his presence I can, 
still feel! 
Holy Spirit please….. 
do not leave! sweet dove, 
stay with me….. 
I need you!  

In This Life

man sitting on the mountain edge

In this life Impact someone 

Who have lost their way, 

Show love and kindness. 

Share a smile, or speak words 

Of compassion and love. 

In this life many are hurting, 

And hearts are broken in many 


Give of your time, gifts, and talents. 

Call someone tell them how much 

You care, 

And that you are near. 

Visit someone today, who maybe 

At home or in hospital. 

Show your enemies some love too! 

In this life make a difference 

For soon or later you will be gone, 

And only what is done for Jesus 

Christ will last! 

In this life make it count, 

That you were here on planet