The Rock

man having a picture on rock


28th January 2010 

The Rock sends an invitation, 

Come sit in Me, you will find 

Everything you need, you shall 

Find it in Me! 

Stop chasing after money and fame 

Sit in the Rock, and you will know My Name, 

Then in an instant you will wed in Covenant 

With the true and living God, who has you in view. 

In the Rock you will experience rivers of living waters 

Flowing from your belly springing up in abundance with 

God’s overflowing blessings! 

Yes, the Rock is sweeter than the honeycomb enlightening 

The soul. 

The Rock is Jesus Christ, He suffered, bled, and died, 

And took my place. 

He bids you, take your place! 

Sit in the Rock today, He awaits you. 


orange mason jar in body of water

I do not understand the complete plan why burdens get so heavy, nor why You allow such pain and anguish. I don’t understand the depth of Your Love, nor why all this humiliation and suffering. Now a new day has dawned and I see the complete plan.


beach during sunset

Today, you may be going through the most challenging time of your life having no one 
to turn to and nowhere to go! I just stopped by to remind you that Yahweh, the 
God, who has redeemed you and calls you His beloved is warring for you -He 
is fighting your battles just stand still and rest in Him! Be encouraged as you read 
this poem entitled, I Will War for You – May this minster to you! Much Love! 

I will war for you when you are weak 
and cannot go on. 
Giving to you renewed strength. 

I will war for you when people 
are slandering you, with words 
and assassinating your character 
I will war for you, that you will 
not get stuck in the mud. 

I will war for you maintaining your integrity 
for you were born to win, to soar above 
the storms of life. 
Yes, I will carry your pain, humiliation 
and all your shame. 
I will war so that you will live above sin. 

I will war for you to continue to display 
My love, embracing each hurting soul 
whose path you cross, in spite 
of the false accusers. 

I will war for you, fighting your battles 
giving to you the victories, and ushering 
you into My presence where you will find 
joy beyond measure. 

I will war for you, you are my Choice Vessel 
whom I have chosen, to display my love 
to a hurting world filled with pain. 
I will war for you; I love you so much 
that I sacrificed My only Son Jesus Christ 
to die in your place 
so that you can live daily abundantly 
free from the ravages of sin. 

Always remember Jehovah El Gibbor will arise 
to war for you, through Jesus Christ 
your Intercessor, your High Priest. 
The Lamb who died for you. 

Signed: Your Abba Father who loves you