You are not mine

I see you,

Feel you,

But you are not mine!


You are not mine!

Sickness, disease, oppression,

And depression,

I see you!

You are not mine,

For Jesus Christ,

Carried them all away and

Gave me life anew!

He is mine.

You are not mine!

You Have To Overcome!

In the midst of what you are experiencing you have to overcome. God is right there with you each step of the way!

Scripture: “I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me.” Philippians 4:13


Mighty Warrior, arise lift your eyes, 

See the ambushes set-up against you? 

Gird your sword of the Word and 

In the strength of Jehovah Gibbor, 

Smite the enemy and stand 

In your place of authority in Christ. 

You have been kept until the time 

Of your rising, you are a Mighty 

Warrior preserved until the time! 

Arise Mighty Warrior, 

Arise Watchman on the wall, 

Arise Commander of the morning 

Arise Prayer Intercessor. 

Arise! You were kept until the time. 

Your time is here, arise in the 

Resurrection Power of Jesus Christ! 

Mighty Warrior, lift up your eyes and 

Behold, the ambushes set up against you 

Has been dismantled by Jehovah Gibbor, 

He is the One, who fights for you, and it 

Is He who has preserved you until the 

Time of your rising. 

Rise up Mighty Warrior, do mighty 

Exploits for the Kingdom of God

Our Actions Reveal if We are Faking It

From the book of Isaiah chapter 1 verses 12 – 17: God gave the Prophet Isaiah a clear message to His people to stop making worship a charade. The people were putting on a show during worship. They acted like they believed God but their insincerity rendered their acts of worship empty and meaningless. God refused their outward displays, saying in verse (13) “Bring no more vain oblations”

Where are you, (me too) in your walk with God? The lives of the people did not reflect the faith they displayed in the temple nor the words which they spoke. The question: Are we reflecting our faith in the way we live our lives daily? Think about this as you tune in to this evening’s Prayer.

God Bless you right where you are! 🙏❤