Take Your Rightful Place

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Trauma will do to you what a hammer does to a nail if you stand passively by and allow your circumstances to determine your altitude in Yahweh. You have the Resurrection Power of Jesus Christ over trauma and drama that comes to derail and disrupt your life. Purpose even now to take your rightful place in Christ. Sit in Christ and it is He who will stand to fight for you! 

Nurture and Mentor

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To give birth is not the greatest achievement in life – for God is the Giver of life. Instead, the nurturing and mentoring of someone’s purpose to fulfill is the greatest of life’s achievements. 

The Unstoppable is Bringing you into Dumb Founding Breakthroughs

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The closer you get to your place of Divine Destiny the warfare will intensify. Opposition, haters, liars, character assassins, false prophecies, derailers, betrayers this list can continue but be it known to you. There is no room to back up or cower away. Stay on course for the Greater One, Jesus Christ stands up to fight for you! He is the Unstoppable! He is bringing you into dumbfounding breakthroughs stay the Course.


You are not mine

I see you,

Feel you,

But you are not mine!


You are not mine!

Sickness, disease, oppression,

And depression,

I see you!

You are not mine,

For Jesus Christ,

Carried them all away and

Gave me life anew!

He is mine.

You are not mine!

You Have To Overcome!

In the midst of what you are experiencing you have to overcome. God is right there with you each step of the way!

Scripture: “I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me.” Philippians 4:13