Soaring Above the Storm

body of water

The storm was approaching and headed for the island where she lived but who could have imagined the loss of lives and the devastation it would bring. The many sleepless nights of walking the floors and praying. Fasting and seeking her Abba Father’s face but nothing could prepare her for this storm. Two a.m., one morning while she sat praying, she stopped for two men had appeared on her front porch. It seemed as if they had come to mark her home which reminded her of when God had sent two angels to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah in the Book of Genesis chapter 19. This was an open vision before her very eyes. Within, she knew something was about to take place. The approaching storm was now growing stronger. All the preparation was made but the bread that was needed, she was not able to do it, everything seemed scattered. This was indictive of her experience in the secret place earlier that money where an unseen hand laid her out on the floor stretched out like a dead woman. She heard an unknown language along with the interpretation, “Beneath the sea!” She tried once again to mix the bread and as her hand was mixing the ingredients with the flour. Her cell phone rang and on the receiving end was the Radio Announcer from the Station with a request for her over the air waves for God to spare the Island. That was the phone call which initiated the answer and brought clarity to her earlier encounter. She felt something lift off her and she began to run all over the house. Leaping and praising God for turning the storm although it was only a little turn, but it would save the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama. Beneath the Sea is where the Hurricane Dorian projected. As horrific as it was, she heard these words, “I will not let the waters come to your house.” But things got so bad. A call came in that, the waters were walking up to her neighbourhood and the weather was deteriorating. Being less than a mile from the beach and for the first time in thirty-six years. Her husband said they needed to leave to seek higher ground, night was fast approaching, and the worst of the storm was to come. They all left with one consent. 

Meanwhile a flashlight was accidentally left shining upright in her bedroom. The words resonated as they left, I will not allow the waters to reach your home. The path was treacherous, and they met the way partially blocked by the rising waters which were already inland. They barely made it to the other destination; seventy-five percent of the island was under water. Many lives were lost, and the islands were left desolate, but God was calling upon His children to soar above the storm. During the aftermath when her family returned home. The entire neighbourhood was untouched by the threatening waters which came so close but was not allowed to overtake. While examining her home, everything was intact and the search which was left on was still shining. This exemplified the faithfulness of God, who always honours His Word? But her heart ached for all the people who perished and every survivor who lost everything! Her Abba Father was Divinely intervening and touched the hearts of people all around the world, who came to the rescue and with everything needed. 

The message was clearer to her, ride above the storm. She understood that there would be more storms, but it was important to remain focused, disciplined and in consistent prayer with a sharp vision. Staying in step with the Holy Spirit to ride above every storm meant resting in God and standing on His Word. She believed God and now trusted Him to reveal His plan for her Life.

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