You Are Going On

You are going on cost what it may 

Moving forward to your destiny, with 

Boldness and in the strength and wisdom 

Of Abba Father. 

You are going on amid the turmoil and 

Conflict, the oppressors and the nay-sayers 

Press you sore. Yet you are going on, making 

The necessary sacrifices carefully walking 

In faith and obedience. 

You are going on although friends have left and 

Deserted you-you must obey the call. 

You are going on to a higher call. O the pain of 

Rejection and being misunderstood, still you are 

Going on knowing with complete assurance it will 

Be worth it all to fulfill your purpose and reach 

Your destiny. 

You are going on knowing one day when your 

Journey is completed Abba Father will say, 

“My child you have completed your assignment, 

You have encouraged someone for the last time, 

Welcome home.” 

You are going on with that expectation, walking in faith 

And obedience. 

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