Cover in Love

selective focus photography of white and tan shih tzu puppy carrying by smiling woman

Cover in love 

Praying for your enemies; 

Pray that God’s mercy is extended. 

Cover in love those who continually 

Use and verbally abuse you. 

Cover in love 

Your family members 

Who take you for granted; 

Vexing your very soul. 

Put on the garment of praise; 

And kneel in prayer 

Pray for their souls, 

Transforming your home 

Into an atmosphere of love. 

Cover in love everywhere you go 

For it is a clear indication 

Of your maturity in Jesus Christ; 

When you cover in love; 

Those who have lost their way. 

Yes, cover someone whose path 

You may cross with a good gesture, 

Or a kind word making a 

Difference in some precious hearts. 

Make it a number one priority 

To cover in love, 

Bringing about a wonderful change 

In the lives of people, 

For the Kingdom of Abba Father!

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