A Quiet Strength

man climbing on gray concrete peak at daytime

You are beloved of God! He has not forgotten your labour of love, 
nor has He forsaken you! You have asked Abba Father to help you 
to make some specific changes in your life! You have fasted, and you 
have prayed. Yet you have not seen or heard an answer! Well! The 
Breaker is here, and He is stepping into your circumstances and situations! 
May the Lord stir your faith even now, as you are reading these words to 
believe HIS WORD! Continue to watch and pray, and to display the 
compassionate heart of Jesus Christ while you are waiting! You are not 
alone, the Lord is with you each step of the way! 
Be blessed by this poem, ” A QUIET STRENGTH ” may it encourage and 
inspire you, as you display a quiet strength during all you are 
going through! 
 Pain ripped through my upper spine 
Muscles tightening grimacing in pain 
Trying to rise from the chair….. 
Praying to Abba Father to take away 
The pain. 
Then instantly an even more severe 
Pain came like no other……..experiencing 
an aching in the heart caused by bitter 
Angry words piercing through the heart, 
Like the ripping pain in my upper spine with 
Even more intensity. 
Reminding me if I am not open to forgive, 
Seeds of bitterness and hurt will take root, 
Rendering the heart cold and unloving! 
Please Heavenly Father keep me humbly 
At Your feet in humility, with Your strength 
and grace to turn the other cheek to display 
Your love! 
Still my tongue too oh Lord especially during 
Adverse times, that the radiance of Your 
Countenance would be seen upon me. 
For You love a quiet and a meek spirit! 
Surrendering in complete awe of You, 
I find a quiet strength is being still  in 
Total surrender to You Oh Lord. 
Quiet my heart and empty out everything, 
That is not of You, 
to experience a continual quiet strength, 
which only You can give! 
Abba Father, give to me a compassionate 
Heart like Jesus Christ to display at all times, 
In every situation a quiet strength! 

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