The Challenges of Life

boy standing near fence pointing on the sky

There is purpose and destiny on the inside of you.
Treasures are hidden and locked deep within. What?
not with all these problems, disappointments, sickness
and pain. Oh, what about the hurt, depression, and
oppression? Yes, this list can go on and on, but there
is good news. These are all challenges, they can make
or break you. You can choose to allow your circumstances
and situations, even your past and the mistakesĀ  you
have made, to control you or: you can use your situation
as stepping stones. You have the power within to triumph
over every tragedy, to experience joy in sorrow, healing in
sickness, and total success when all the odds are against you.

God your Father, your Creator has equipped and predestined
you for greatness in this life. It is through His Son Jesus Christ
that you will receive the blue print for your life.
Through Jesus Christ you will experience who God is, and will
come to know who you are in Christ. In Him, you will discover
your purpose and destiny, the place where He is taking you.
The whole picture of life will become clearer. God Himself will
gird you with strength and power, He will empower you to reach
your final destination by unlocking the gifts within.

Are you ready for this? Heaven is not your final destination.
Fulfilling your purpose here on earth is, that is what you were
born to do. You are a winner! You can do it. Get up and try again.
Begin today walking towards your destiny, every time you fall down
keep on getting up.

Keeping Christ at the center, with an obedient heart nothing shall
be impossible for you to accomplish. No challenge will be too great,
for with courage, wisdom, faith and prayer, you shall overcome the

“Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors
through Him who loves us.” Romans 8:37

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