The Beauty of a Thorned Rose

close up photo of a red rose

While reflecting on somethings His presence surrounded me, 
Drawing my attention to a slender thorn ed tree with hardly 
Any leaves……yet there it stood velvety crimson…. it’s radiance. 
gravitated to me….it seemed to say…… ” Do not look at my thorns, 
They help me shine more brilliantly…” it was a thorn ed rose. 
Glistening in the sun! 
Just then riveting across the skies a fight ensues……it is divine. 
Intervention for you! 
Bringing you victoriously through while you are reflecting on. 
Some things to shine like the beautiful thorn ed rose. 
 Allow God’s presence to surround you so that the beauty 
Of His countenance would be seen upon you …………like 
The Beauty of a Thorn ed Rose! 

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