You Have Come This Far by Faith

Sometimes Yahweh has to remind us………this journey is a walk of Faith!

On Monday April 16th, 2012. I was inspired to declare these words along with a beautiful picture of my beloved husband and I. ” Abba Father’s grace and mercy will bring us VICTORIOUSLY through. ” Little did I know that hours later after publishing this, I would be put to the test. My beloved husband grew suddenly ill and had to be taken to the hospital, but I was thinking. He would be treated for the asthma attack, and we would go home together. Then the unthinkable happened the nurse beckoned me to the reception window and informed me that my beloved was not responding to the treatment. Everything began to go downhill. Immediately I knew he was fighting for his life and called for the prayer warriors to stand in the gap and pray, while the doctors did all they could do. The prayer warriors and I were allowed to go into the hospital ‘s chapel to pray. I found myself praying and weeping in travail for my beloved. I could not help but think of how life has a way of broadsiding you so to speak with some severe blows, which you did not see coming, and often times you are almost knocked out of your place. Somehow, I couldn’t seem to stop weeping in travail, and remained in this manner for almost a week. On the seventh day at about 1:30 am I was awakened by the most comforting voice….” You have come this far by faith.” It was Abba Father. He began to turn the pages of my life reminding me of how my oldest son. When he was a little by grew gravely ill. He had collapsed suddenly after vomiting excessively. While in his unconscious state he suffered severe seizures. He was diagnosed with meningitis. He was given a spinal tap which left him looking deformed, and each time I would visit him just the sight of him I would cry uncontrollably. Abba Father reminded me of how my beloved husband would say to me….” Margaret. Pray “! Back then I did not know how to pray and cried helplessly. I am so thankful he prayed. Abba Father was showing me there is a difference between just crying and crying in travail. He revealed that I was actually petitioning for my beloved! Today as I am writing about this my beloved is out of the hospital, and I believe he is healed in the name of Jesus! You too have come this far by faith. Yet in your marriage you are suffering many things. You have been faithful and obedient to Abba Father. You have prayed and you have fasted. Yet your spouse is so selfish and demanding. You may have reached your breaking point and feel like walking away. To make matters worse Jezebel is always showing up throwing her jeers. You are wondering “Dear God, how long are you going to allow these things to continue “? STOP! Do not give up on your spouse! Do not cuss out Jezebel! Pause for a moment! Take a deep breath. Breathe in… Now breathe out! Pause and calmly think about this. When my husband grew suddenly ill as I was weeping in travail. There were moments that I could not understand what Abba Father was doing…things looked grim, and if I didn’t surrender my will and emotions to Him, I would not have survived it. So it is in your marriage, what you are going through is too devastating…It is too heavy for you alone to bear it. Allow the comforting words of Abba Father to comfort and put you back on track. When I was awakened at 1:30 am hearing Abba Father speaking so comforting to me….” You have come this far by faith brought this interpretation. Stop crying Margaret. I have brought you this far by faith. That is the difference right there. Abba Father is aware of all your spouse and Jezebel is doing to you, and He has brought you this far by faith. Salvation, Healing, Restoration, Deliverance, and Restitution is yours. Are you ready for this? Abba Father is testing your love walk! Love walks? Yes. Your love walks. In spite all that was and is being done to you. Abba Father is waiting for you to pass the love walk test. Displaying His love to your spouse and to Jezebel! You have come this far by faith. Begin and for those of you who are doing this already continue to display the love of Jesus to your spouse especially during these difficult times. If you have moved out of your bedroom. Please return. Start if you are not doing so already washing and cooking again for your spouse. Husbands and wives speak kind words to each other. Surprise one another by greasing each other scalp and then give each other a massage. Do this often. Then wives. Anoint your husband’s head with oil and pray persistently, and relentlessly for him. Right before your very eyes. You will not only see Jezebel lose her hold on him, but you will see her flee away forever! You have come this far by faith. It is time to refocus your attention on the things of Abba Father, spending more time in His presence, and in His word! You have come this far by faith, and it will take faith and obedience with a forgiving heart to love and forgive. Bringing Restoration and Sweet Communion to your marriage relationship. Question is though. Are you willing? Do you still love your spouse? Are you willing to let bygones be bygones? Pause for a moment to think about this. Every time you go back into your past…. reminding your spouse of what he or she used to do. You miss your future! Forgive and forget even about yesterday. If you have answered “Yes” to any of the fore mentioned questions. You have received your release to build a beautiful strong marriage with the understanding that you must look to Abba Father as the Master Builder. Allow His Holy Spirit to teach you daily how to love and respect each other. With Jesus Christ as your Captain, release the helm to Him and you will not suffer shipwreck in your marriage! Be encouraged and strengthened. Remember. Every marriage goes through a time of testing, whether it is sickness, hardships, financial losses, selfishness, infidelity, and abuses. This list can go on and on. Whatever you are going through in your marriage always use the key ingredient which brings heaven down to your situation. Prayer is that key ingredient which activates the display of Jesus Christ in you! 2 Corinthians 5:7 is resounding……” For we walk by faith, not by sight. ” You have come this far by faith! You have come this far by faith!

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