Engedi (spring of a kid) is an oasis on the barren western shore of the dead 
sea, about thirty-five miles Southeast of Jerusalem. It lays on the eastern 
edge of the rugged wilderness of Judah, which contained many hide outs 
where David sometimes hid when he was fleeing from Saul. (This description 
of Engedi is taken from the bible dictionary Nelson’s New Illustrated Copyright(c) 
1995, 1986 by Thomas Nelson Publishers. 
1 Samuel 23:29 says ” And David went up from thence and dwelt in strong holes 
at Engedi. 1 Samuel 24:1 also says, ” And it came to pass when Saul was returned  
from following the Philistines that it was told him saying, Behold David is in the 
wilderness of Engedi.” Engedi was watered by a hot spring, yielding an abundance 
of fresh water that burst forth hundreds of feet above the base of a large cliff. 
Song of Solomon 1:14 says ” My beloved is unto me as a cluster of camphire in Engedi.” 
Yes, Engedi despite its location, was a prosperous place, known for its fruitful palm 
trees, and fragrant balsam oil. 
In your walk with God, you may find yourself on the run like David. Understand that you 
will need a place like Engedi, that you too can find refuge. Yes, at Engedi there are may 
hideouts, and the enemy cannot find you there. At Engedi especially during the turbulent 
times of your life, you can retreat and refresh yourself. The waters are continually flowing, 
washing and cleansing you over, and over again experiencing an awesome presence of 
peace, even though the enemy is in hot pursuit. You have the assurance that you are safely 
hidden away in the cleft of the rock. Oh, the beautiful scenery at Engedi, even though the 
surrounding areas are desolate and dry. Engedi remains rich and a continual oasis. 
You will find that Engedi is the place to spend your time, especially while Abba is preparing 
you to fulfill your purpose, making you ready to walk to your destiny. Engedi is actually the 
place where you encounter Abba Father personally. Each time you go to Engedi, you are 
being changed from selfish to selfless, until there is total transformation into the very likeness 
of Jesus Christ. Where your hear cries at Engedi are, not my will Lord, but thy will be done!. 
I challenge you to find your Engedi, the place of prayer, where you spend time in the word, 
praying continually. For prayer like Engedi is an oasis, refreshing and restoring in the midst 
of what you are going through. Continual persistent prayer will keep you hidden from the 
enemy. Prayer will take you to the height to view the beautiful scenery, beyond the desolate 
and dry places. Prayer will keep the living waters of God flowing in your life. Engedi awaits 
you and me. The purpose in your heart today is to make Engedi a part of your daily life! Abba 
Father awaits you at Engedi. 

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