The Pangs of Hunger

woman giving food to the man on the street

The pangs of hunger are very real 

Many are starving for just the bare 

Necessities of life and a little food 

To eat. 

Pause for a moment right where 

You are! 

The question, can you hear their cries? 

They are all around you, 

Pulling out of your driveway 

Look over to your Neighbour’s house, 

Further down the street it could be the 

Person, you pass on the street. 

Closer, it could be a family member. 

When was the last time you extended your 

Hand to help someone in need? 

O how the pang of hunger hurts it causes 

Anguish to the soul. 

The pangs of hunger should never be, 

Ask yourself this question 

How then must God feel? 

Do not you know He feels the pangs 

Of hunger too for His children, 

And longs for each one to be fed 

Also, with the living bread! 

Answer someone’s prayer today 

And stop the pangs of hunger. 

Reach out to your Neighbour, 

Your brother or your sister, even 

Your enemies too! 

Soon you will eradicate the pangs 

Of hunger right where you are, 

Hurry do it today! 

You will be blessed beyond measure.

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