Embrace Your Cross – Reminder

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There are some things in our lives which causes us  
great pain and suffering; yet Abba Father refuses  
to remove them. The Apostle Paul reminds us of this  
in 2 Corinthians 12:8-9, he says… (8) ” For this  
thing I besought the Lord thrice; that it might depart  
from me. (9) ” And He said unto me, my grace is  
sufficient for thee: for My strength is made perfect  
in weakness. ” No one knows exactly what the Apostle’s  
affliction was, it is described like a thorn in his  
life: and as you know a thorn in the flesh really hurts.  
This affliction caused the Apostle Paul much pain and  
discomfort. In whatever you or I may be going through,  
Abba Father is working out a wonderful transformation  
in our lives through the crosses we are called to bear.  
Can you imagine the Apostle, who was a self-sufficient  
man ? Having to deal with such a vexing debilitating  
problem. He prayed for Abba Father to remove it, but  
God refused to remove it. Instead, He promised the Apostle  
Paul that He would demonstrate His power in him…. you  
know what? During Apostle Paul’s affliction, he  
realized it kept him humble, and reminded him of the fact  
he needed to stay in constant contact with God. The truth  
is as we come to grips so to speak with our limitations, we  
will rely on God our Abba Father for our effectiveness: rather  
than on ourselves.  
In your daily walk with Abba Father. What is it that you are  
facing ? Could it be a chronic illness? Divers’ addictions?  
Rebellious children? Spousal Abuse? It may be none of these,  
whatever it is you are going through, embrace your cross. For  
as you rely on Abba Father’s strength and His grace, He is  
developing Christian character in you. Yes, as you (and I) admit  
our weaknesses, we affirm, God’s strength. The fact is, you and  
I at some time or the other will encounter hindrances and set  
backs: but it is during these times you must depend on God your  
Abba Father, to see and experience His power in demonstration;  
to bring you through. Embrace the cross you are called to bear  
without murmuring and complaining, surrender your plans and your  
dreams to Abba Father. May this poem, the pen wrote entitled  
EMBRACE YOUR CROSS challenge and inspire you!  
Your cross may seem offensive and inconceivable  
To bear….  
Yet your cross, you must bear.  
Embrace your cross;  
It will empower your purpose  
To fulfill…. the Saviour Jesus Christ  
Went ahead and embraced His cross;  
Carrying all your shame, humiliation  
And pain…. Yes, Jesus suffered and shed  
His blood, so you can embrace your cross.  
With a confident assurance that to embrace  
Your cross, is the strength in your life which  
Will keep you humbly before the throne room  
Of God….Embrace your cross today and embark  
upon a life transforming encounter with  
Abba Father, bringing you into the light  
Of your destiny…. embrace your cross!  

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