Sweet Dove

white dove on brown surface under blue sky

A sweet, beautiful dove, 
sat in my bed closely, 
by my side as I slept. 
It seemed as if he was 
protecting me! 
Then I awoke, it was, 
all just a dream! 
Yet it seems so real! 
giving to me an 
assurance of the presence, 
of the sweet Holy Spirit, 
who is a perfect Gentleman, 
and such a Comforter, 
in what seems like the, 
roughest times of my life! 
I reach for him……. 
but like the sweet dove, 
I am unable to touch him, 
yet his presence I can, 
still feel! 
Holy Spirit please….. 
do not leave! sweet dove, 
stay with me….. 
I need you!  

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