Dance With Me My Beloved

young woman sitting at table with basket of flowers

My beloved I watched over you,
even while you were in your mother’s
Yes it grieved my heart to see you
suffer pain and anguish!
During those agonizing moments,
when you felt that you could not,
even take another step I carried you.
The time has come now for you to dance,
with me for you are my beloved!
This dance is like no other dance and as you,
dance with me your nights of mourning will,
become gladness! Your sorrow will end.
You will see the plans unfolding before your
very eyes. A bright future awaits you!
Dance with me my beloved! you are so
precious! You are the apple of my eye!
There is no one else like you! You are my
Choice vessel to bring Glory to My Name!
Signed: Your Abba Father!
you are My beloved!

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