The Rock

man having a picture on rock


28th January 2010 

The Rock sends an invitation, 

Come sit in Me, you will find 

Everything you need, you shall 

Find it in Me! 

Stop chasing after money and fame 

Sit in the Rock, and you will know My Name, 

Then in an instant you will wed in Covenant 

With the true and living God, who has you in view. 

In the Rock you will experience rivers of living waters 

Flowing from your belly springing up in abundance with 

God’s overflowing blessings! 

Yes, the Rock is sweeter than the honeycomb enlightening 

The soul. 

The Rock is Jesus Christ, He suffered, bled, and died, 

And took my place. 

He bids you, take your place! 

Sit in the Rock today, He awaits you. 

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