Binding: Paperback

ISBN: 978-8182532625


Pub. Date: 2012

About the Book:

Often we question the existence of god- and while doing so we forget the little angels he keeps sending to us- will keep us faithful to the righteous. Margaret Mullings is one such angel- who strives to create heavenly ambience- without anything but poetry dipped in pious sentiments. One that vouches of God’s benevolence can have nothing to keep you pensive about.

Flipping through Margaret C Mullings “A higher Dimension “made me realize how distant I was from the simplest things of life. My parents had often suggested how Almighty played a greater role in protecting me from the wrong paths. But until you have tested God’s Prowess at delivering justice to the evil and leading you out of darkness- you can seldom have faith on his ways-(So naïve of to think like this- even a couple of years ago).  I would like to quote from her poem “secure in his love”:

“I am secure in his love standing,
fully clothed armored in Jesus Christ,
and no foe can stand his fury….he
contends me.”

I would like to draw the readers’ attention to this portion, where expressions and language are allowed to have a free flow- without considering grammar placements. The importance of almighty seems to have acquired a momentum by appearing at the end of the third line, making grammar laws bow in front of Him.

With twelve fundamentals for the yielded life the poet presents simple dictums that will bring you close of the creator- giving you a chance to cleanse your soul, and fill yourself with divine love. The book is divided into four parts, spanning over 92 ages- and is a unique page turner which brings you out of your depressing situations. If you find your strengths to be dwindling, your esteem draining out and your principles getting questions Margret C Mullings extends her arms to give the company you need the most.

Simplicity and truth flows through her words thus reaching your heart faster and making you feel pure and chaste in moment’s time. The poem “my deliverer” signifies this singular view point:

If I never had a problem

I would not know have known

That God could solve them.

Sick unto death He healed me…

Yes my Deliverer I willingly following

And in Him I have eternal life.

The poet’s words are likely to touch your parched soul- sooth the pain and give you the embalming effect you have been search for desperately. She makes it obvious by talking about the presence of God in our lives- if we just believe indeed we will find him. Margaret with her poems is paying a wonderful tribute to Our Creator.

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